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MGA (don’t confuse it with the Malta Gaming Authority) was one of the first developers to create slot machines in Nigeria. To this day, its success has not stopped growing, and as soon as you do a little research, it is not difficult to guess why.

A bit of history

Although we are going to doubt it, MGA boasts of being the first developer to make slot machines known in Nigeria. This company was born in Barcelona in 1976 and it is true that since then it has developed casino solutions for physical and online establishments.

Today, this company has a more than decent library of slot machines and bingo that can be found in several of the industry’s top casinos. Not only that, but MGA also has restaurants, bowling alleys and even sells parts for old slot machines. They do just about anything!

The jump in the online market

Some years ago, MGA realized that the future was on the Internet. If they wanted to make the leap to the international market, they had to make the leap to online establishments. Neither short nor lazy – they are undoubtedly a company that knows how to reinvent itself – got down to work and began to develop online betting portals where players can enjoy the company’s games and sports betting. Although still today this manufacturer focuses primarily on the English market, we have to say in their favor that their games are always available in several languages.

As you can imagine, the jewel in the crown of this developer are the slot machines, which are characterized by being very colorful and colorful. The truth is that a good part of the MGA machines are three drums, which is perhaps a little short in the current market. Three-drum slot machines are not necessarily more boring, but it is true that sometimes a little more innovation in this respect would be helpful. In any case, there are many fans of this type of machine who will be delighted with the selection of slots from this supplier.

Among their best known titles are La Taberna, Bucaneros, La Mina de Oro, Misión Espacial and La Bruja Fortuna. As you can guess, MGA’s favorite themes are those related to fantasy. Perhaps a bit tacky aspect of this developer are the female pets he uses to attract presumably male players. A fairly basic strategy on the part of a developer from whom we would expect more elegant tactics, so to speak.

Other games

This provider also designs other types of games beyond slots. For example, their bingo games are available in two formats: 3×5 squares and 5×5 squares. The themes of the MGA bingos are very varied: the bottom of the sea, sports, races, circus elements, and so on. Nor can we forget the electronic roulette wheels, which consist of several sectors and have a very fast and comfortable operation.

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