Yokozuna Clash

A trip to the heart of Tokyo

This unusual sumo slot pays tribute to one of the cultural landmarks of Japanese culture, and one of the oldest regulated wrestling sports in the world. Yggdrasil has created a 5 × 3 with 243 combinations that can be played from € 0.10 per spin to a maximum of € 125 per spin, for a maximum potential of € 430,000 (86,000 credits).

These guys impose a lot, but if you have the courage to share dohyō with them you will enjoy wild cards with multipliers X2, X8 and X16, and free spins at various bonus levels. You play in the background rollers to the fight where the close combat takes place, with the following symbols: 4 mythical animals (phoenix, tiger, turtle and dragon that pay between X12 X6 as your bet in combination of 5) and 4 sticks of the French deck (X0.8).

Free Spins Yokozuna Clash

The rounds of free spins are established as a confrontation between the yokozuna (the main fighter) and the komosubi (below in the ranking). You have to form a combination of at least 3 matches in successive rollers from left to right to get the opponent out of the dohyō and win by revalidating your champion title.

To start a Free Spins Tournament you need to draw 2 Free spins symbols. You will be assigned a fighter and a random opponent (the bigger the harder you have it).

If you take the other one from the dohyō, you go from the semifinal to the second round, but be careful because for that you have to win with a combination from left to right: if you win from right to left, it is your opponent who advances and expels you from the dohyō. There are 7 phases in each direction, and you can see who wins in the lower counter.

A catalog with the best fighters

  1. Riku (fighter with attack strength 2) Fight with 1-2 additional wild cards in the base game, 1-3 in the semifinals and 2-4 in the final round.
  2. Haru (attack force fighter 2) Play with multipliers X2-X3 in the base game, and enter X2-X4 in the free spins.
  3. Daisuke (semifinal opponent with attack strength level 3) Has 1-3 wild cards.
  4. O’Conner (semifinal opponent with attack strength level 3) Multipliers X2-X4
  5. Yokozuna Demon (attack strength of level 4) Use between 2-4 wild cards and reward with random multipliers between X2-X4. If you face in the final fight and you win him multiply everything you have won with this function X2.

The best of Yokozuna Clash

The icing on the cake of this Yggdrasil sumo slot is its Sumo Clash function. It is activated with a combination of 5 matches and makes the rollers stay with only the most valuable symbols. And if it’s not clear, the 243 Yokozuna Clash slot combinations are paid in both directions, ready to jump to the dohyō?

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