Wild Africa

The immensity of Africa, its giant savannas and its large mammals and wild fauna are the inspiration for a new slot machine from the English online gambling factory MGA Software. Know all the details of this new slot machine.

The great African savannah arrives full of emotion and great prizes.

This slot machine from the English gaming factory MGA Software is one of the modern classics of physical casinos and online casinos. A free video machine consisting of five rollers and three rows with up to 20 possible prize lines.

Wild Africa has very well crafted graphics, informal but not childish in appearance and beautiful animations that reproduce the immensity of the African savannah and its spectacular landscapes. Unlike other games of chance, this one has sonorous ambience and in addition they accompany you some really very discreet sound effects. If you prefer, you can play in complete silence by modifying the sound from the control panel. To access this panel, you must click on the blue button with three horizontal lines. Among other options, you can also change the language of the machine or consult extra information about this slot.

Finally, you should know that you can play from anywhere and on any device natively to Wild Africa and that MGA Software has programmed this game on the HTML5 language, instead of the usual Flash. So, you can run this slot machine for free from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with iOs or Android and from PCs with Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Dynamics of the game

After the video presentation of our central character, a nice monkey, we will access the machine itself. Its design does not differ excessively from other style machines and features the main screen with the 5 rollers and three rows and the dashboard with buttons. To start playing, you must set the bet for each spin. On the one hand, you must mark the betting level, which goes from 1 to 5 and marks the total of lines on which you bet per spin. In the ‘Credit Value’ box you can mark credits per line, from 0.01 to 0.50. The machine bet per spin is 100 credits.

Pressing the PLAY key will start the machine, resulting in a completely random combination of figures. The figures are a total of seven and have higher or lower prizes. These figures are divided into two groups of 3 and 4 types of figures. On the one hand, we have the highest clubs in the French deck of cards: Q, K and A. On the other hand, we have the most valuable figures, which they are:

  • The head of a rhinoceros
  • The head of a zebra
  • The head of a giraffe
  • The head of an explorer

Not forgetting that we have other figures who qualify for bonuses and we will see later.

You can play this machine with the Autoplay mode. This mode allows you to perform between 5 and 100 automatic shots that do not require you to be in front of the slot machine at all times. However, you must bear in mind that the bet that you leave fixed at the beginning of the autoplay mode will be applied to each and every one of the spins. You should check that you have enough credit available.

Bonuses and extras

Unlike other video slots like Wild Africa, you won’t find any mini-games but some bonus screens and extras. The first is the WILD joker, which you’ll recognize as the one with the face of the monkey that will accompany you throughout the game. The Wild replaces any figure in a possible winning line.

If three Free Spin figures appear, represented by the volcano, you will be able to access a game where you can get free spins, these spins do not consume credits and you will be able to accumulate more free spins in this game. Another extra that many players will recognize and appreciate is the ‘Avalanche’ mode. Every time you get a winning line the machine can give you an avalanche and a multiplier. This mode eliminates the winning figures and causes new random figures to appear whose prize, if obtained, is multiplied by the illuminated number at the top right of the screen.

Finally, the Double or Nothing mini-game allows you to multiply x2 the prize you’ve won or lose it if you spin the roulette and get the ‘-‘. To access this game you must click on ‘Gamble’. You can press ‘Gamble’ again to try to get a x2 or press ‘Collect’ to return to the main game and add the prize to the total.

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