Voodoo Shark

This video slot is in a 3 × 3 format with five fixed paylines. Its RTP is 95.65% and has some interesting bonus features although its strength is not precisely the variety of bonuses.

Aesthetically it is inspired by the world of black magic, with elements alluding to voodoo. A little darky but you can look at yourself with a little sense of humour…

The iconography includes potions, a spell book, a voodoo doll, an enchanted boat, a black cat and a spooky background. You have the option to set the maximum bet with just one click and accelerate the reels according to automatic spins up to 100 times. You can also set the bet value that starts at 0.05 and rises to 10.

The main bonus function is the Re-giros function. It is triggered by a full screen, i.e. when you get the same 3×3 symbol, be it the mask, the doll, the cat symbol or the book.

Payment Table and Symbols

3 symbols of the mask reward you with 80, like the doll; 3 symbols of the logo of the game “Vodoo Shark” reward you with 400; 3 symbols of the shark reward you with 1500; 3 symbols of the potions reward you with 10; 3 symbols of the enchanted boat reward you with 120, likewise the cat and the book 3 times reward you with 80.

It’s a game with a pretty rough mechanism. We have the impression that we are playing with the speed of classic slots. Even the graphics are static, which gives a somewhat rigid and even archaic environment. However, it is a game that thanks to its simplicity is fast and simple.

The musical background is quite mysterious but discontinuous which reduces the immersion effect in the game.

It’s a game that seems to enchant us in a video game with hypersaturated colors, strange sounds and big steps that lead us to keep spinning the luck on our side.

Is there anything more terrifying than a voodoo shark? I think the mixture of these two characters from our worst nightmares can appeal to the brave who defy darkness. If you’re ready to open your spell book and use your magic potions to conquer your fears and win good prizes, congratulations! this game is a challenge for you.

You can play both this game, which is developed by Merkur – an online casino software developer based in Malta – as well as games from many other developers around the world. All of them are dedicated to recreate stories and games that can conquer the most demanding tastes.

If you are thinking about knowing the free demo versions before betting with your real money you can try onlinecasinonigeria.com.

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