Village People Macho Moves

This video slot is inspired by disco music and the movement of the late seventies of the American musical group “Village People”, who were internationally recognized for their presentations with costumes of various male characters that responded to the homosexual stereotypes of the time. His suggestive lyrics and double meaning marked our culture, and this slot is an official tribute in style.

In a 6 × 3 format each of those six reels correspond to a singer of the band and below it the symbols float.

The 15 fixed paylines will make you dance at all times, keeping you in an atmosphere of constant celebration.

If you prefer retro aesthetics but with the technological vanguard in terms of design and audiovisual quality, this slot can not go unnoticed.

Payment table and game symbols

Among the symbols we find a reel for each singer: the worker, the cowboy, the policeman, the Amerindian, the motorized and the sailor, who on their podiums wait for your combinations to make their dance movements wooohooo!

Symbols such as platform shoes, microphones, aviator glasses, cassettes, as well as the classic low payment symbols: hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds.

The wild card is the disco ball with the word “Wild”.

The Wild Card VP has bright colors and adds to your meter for subsequent bets. It can also trigger the bonus feature.

Special bonus features

Among the functions we find expandable wild cards, 6 special functions for Re-Spins with multiplications of up to 20x, added wild cards, wild card reels, walking wild card reels, symbol enhancement and chained wild cards.

During the base game, when wildcard symbols land they add to the meter of each reel to achieve – once completed – up to 5 free spins with a special Macho Moves bonus that is unique to each member of the band.

Workman: Unleash random multipliers that allow you to earn from 2 to 20 times the value of your profit.

Cowboy: Triggers between 2 and up to 12 random wildcards before each turn.

Police: Triggers between 2 and 4 reels with random wild cards before each turn.

Native: Unleash 2 reels with walking wild cards that march from right to left at each turn.

Motorized: triggers an evolution in the symbols by replacing the low payment symbols with the high payment symbols at each turn.

Sailor: Triggers wildcards chained with 1 and up to 3 wildcards that appear on each turn, remaining locked in place during subsequent turns.

Official Jukebox with hits playing at all times, big winnings hide behind every move, which makes this slot a continuous surprise where the celebration is constant.

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For now, let’s dance!

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