Twin Spin

Twin Spin by NetEnt is one of those slot machines that mixes the best of the classics with the best of modern video-based slots and that bring an extra complexity and, therefore, excitement to the game. Whether you’re one of those nostalgic machines with poker figures and iconic cherries or want to play for free on a machine that allows up to 243 ways to bet, Twin Spin is for you!

Twin Spin, the best of classic machines and the best of video slots

The perfect mix between the classic slot machines, with the cherry figures, the golden bell, BAR and 7, the five usual drums of the video slot machines and the figures of the French deck (9,10, J, Q, K and A). These figures are presented in mind-blowing colors that reproduce the neons of the 1980s and sparkling lights in the purest Las Vegas style. An elegant and undoubtedly fun and exciting slot machine.

In addition, the game incorporates music reminiscent of the 1980s to help the user travel into that golden decade of Las Vegas casinos. But if the music isn’t to your liking or you just want to play in a quiet environment, you can turn off the music and sound effects.
The dynamics of the game

The vintage symbols are in three rows and five drums and each time you make a roll, they are placed in different combinations. The player receives a payout when one of the winning combinations appears. The order of importance and value of the special figures is as follows:

  • 9, 10, J, Q, K and A
  • Two cherries
  • Golden Bell
  • Number 7
  • Diamond

Game Features

Each time we press the drums rotate smoothly showing the different symbols. Keep in mind that this slot machine is really a very simple game with few additions and very similar to the more classic machines, but with the particularity of being a video slot machine.

One of the particular characteristics, which we will describe later, is the synchronization of the reels. It also has a wild symbol that can replace any other symbol and, finally, in Twin Spin you won’t find the Scatter symbol, which in other slots allows free spins or independent games that give access to bonuses. The only bonus available is found in the feature that gives the machine its name: identical drums.

Bonus games and limits

One of the most interesting bonuses presented by this slot machine is that of identical drums. During the game two drums can be linked together and you will recognize them because there are red lights shining behind them on each strip. These identical reels can enlarge and come to understand the five drums of the machine. Keep in mind that this fact gives enormous possibilities to increase profits.

If we talk about the limits, the user can verify that we are in a machine very similar to the others. The bets can be 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50, the minimum bet being 0.25 and the maximum allowed of 125.00. This is something the great players will appreciate. Finally, the pot can reach up to 270,000 coins.

Play the best slots online for free

A large collection of free slot machines are waiting for you at the best online casinos. Don’t miss the chance to play Twin Spin and many other slot machines for free for fun and pleasure and without the risk of betting real money, comfortably from home, in a break at work or in your leisure time and from any mobile device. And if you want to start making real bets, take advantage of the no-deposit bonuses you’ll find at licensed casinos in Nigeria.

Remember that a licensed casino is the maximum guarantee of safe and clean gaming, as well as guaranteeing total confidentiality of data and security in banking transactions.

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