The Haunted Mansion

Cross the threshold and win

The Haunted Mansion passes between the entrance to a terrifying Gothic house and its cemetery, located in the garden. Your guide will be a nice ghost (accompanied by the invisible man, from whom you can see the eyes), which makes the rollers tremble from time to time.

This traditional MGA bar slot has a 3X3 grill with 1 pay line, consists of 2 games (base and main) and the 4 mini games plus 3 additional features that have made MGA one of the most recognized Spanish providers. The maximum prize is € 15,000.

Symbols and functions in the base game

The phantom of the bell announces the advances (between 1 and 4 available) with his voice from beyond the grave. Withholdings allow you to freeze up to 2 rollers simultaneously to spin the other 1 time and get a prize in the same run.

Keep in mind that for each prize you get in the Haunted Mansion you will have to decide if you want to collect or play to risk and try to get a higher prize or the equivalent in bonuses.

For those who know the MGA online casino games , we are happy to say that in La Mansion Encantada the rule is also maintained that with each prize greater than 3 bells the slot is transformed into a sub-low in which the prizes are transformed in a profit plan by which you ascend or descend.

Get the keys to the Haunted Mansion from MGA

To move from the base game to the main one you will have to accumulate the necessary keys (bonus) and have enough balance. Then the “Game Change” button is activated and if you press it you go inside the mansion, with a structure also of 3X3 but different symbols and up to 9 active payment lines.

A vampire and a witch will be placed on both sides of the grill, without taking your eyes off while you spin the rollers. You can partially risk each of the prizes you get to increase your earnings, except for combinations of 7 blue.

What a delirium of characters from beyond the grave!

The best of the Enchanted Mansion are undoubtedly its inhabitants. Created with some comic graphics, we have a vampire with tickets to the master of ceremonies, a mummy that helps you choose sarcophagus and a witch who does the same thing a potion than a cocktail.

Play with the monsters

To be able to access each of the 4 mini games you can only accumulate prize lines, and these will be activated randomly when you draw certain symbols:

  1. Franky Roulette : Get 3 potions in the main game and the popular monster will spin his electric roulette to breathe life with a cash prize of between € 600 and € 3,000.
  2. Choose sarcophagus with the Mummy : select one of the three available sarcophagi to discover a cash prize.
  3. Tombs with Dead Surprise : you will reach the cemetery if you take out 3 graves in the base game. Get ready to raise gravestones to discover prizes of between € 5 and € 50.
  4. Cooking with the Witch : 3 cauldrons in the main game give you a particular class of potions with bubbling cauldrons full of prizes.

Special symbols and additional features

In addition to the Halloween pumpkin joker that you will find in the rollers of the base game, in La Mansion Encantada you will find a series of special symbols that do not compute when making money, but serve to accumulate or access the mini games:

We have already mentioned some of them, but before we say goodbye we will give you a final review:

  • Purple bat (base game) : accumulate vampires in their bat form in order to play 8 paylines in the main game.
  • 7s of colors (main game) : with each mixed combination you get a random prize
  • golden ampanas (base game) : overcome the barrier of your prize and play up-down
  • Keys (base game) : they are the bonus symbol of The Enchanted Mansion, so the more you get more options to play in the main game, where there are many more chances to win prizes.
  • Candles : the more the better, because they will light the way to the free spins .
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