The Fortune of the Far West

Everything you need to know to survive in the West

The Fortune of the Far West of MGA combines all the classics of this supplier, including the 4 mini games that usually have its slots and 3 additional features. Launched in 2018 with 3 rollers and 1 pay line, it follows the same basic game scheme and superior to what MGA has accustomed us to.

Its RTP is 94% and has average volatility, data that is not bad considering that it is a classic bar slot, with its bonuses, advances (from 1 to 4) and retentions (up to 2 rollers in the same play). The maximum prize you can get in a single roll is 15,000 credits, and the bet ratios are between 1 and 75 credits per spin.

Unlike other MGA games , The Fortune of the Far West has an interface with hyper-realistic graphics and simple but very well executed animations. Western music is activated only when you win, and while the sound effect reproduces the spin of the rollers. To get an optimal experience MGA recommends using Google Chrome.

Base game

It is the first one you access, and its main character is a sheriff and his four forward pistols. Apart from the regular symbols (fruits and diamonds), whose value we can see in the payment table to the right of the rollers, you will find other symbols whose mission is to give access to mini games (horse), increase your rewards counter (small bags of money next to the symbols) and add bonus (portrait of the outlaw) to access the top game.

With each prize of the base game the machine asks you if you want to collect or bet to risk it and get more profits or add the equivalent bonuses. If your prize exceeds the value of the combination of 3 bells, the rollers become a sub-low in which the prizes increase or decrease the profit plan.

Top game

When you accumulate enough bonuses (and you have the necessary balance) the “Change Game” button is activated, and you can go to the top game of the machine, with more prize options and starring a sexy saloon waitress.

All the prizes you get (except for the trio of 7, which is the highest) can be partially wagered with a risk game or cashed in full without playing. The superior game changes of scene and symbols, although it maintains the disposition 3X3, but with more active lines of payment.

Mini games of La Fortuna del Far Oeste

The 4 mini games of La Fortuna del Oeste Oeste are inspired by the typical adventures of cowboys as they pass through the saloon, the desert and the mountains.

  1. Prize Draw
    It is accessed from the base game, when you place 3 horse symbols on the payline. Select one of the figures or objects that appear in one of the streets of the town, to see which prize hides (between 50 and 250)
  2. Multiplier
    Accessible by a combination of 3 guns in the upper game. You choose one of the objects around a bonfire to discover how much your prize will be multiplied (between x3 and x50)
  3. The
    Accessible Round with 3 canteen symbols in the top game. You choose a glass among three available and discover the corresponding prize.
  4. Accessible Diligence with 3 errands in the top game, consists of assaulting a diligence and getting one of the barrels it carries.

Additional Features of the Top Game

  • Rewards : they are small bags of coins that appear next to the symbols of the base game, and are added to a particular counter. All you have accumulated will be used to increase the number of active lines in the top game (maximum 8).
  • Mixed combinations : the 7s include a random prize.
  • Horseshoes : in the top game you win 1 free spin for every 8 accumulated.

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