The best online casinos have brought from the gaming table to mobile devices all over the world, the best gambling. Slot machines are no exception and also have their version adapted to online casinos. From the traditional three-ball slot machines, a classic for all lovers of these games, to the most modern video machines, you can enjoy for free the best slots. Discover the best online slot machines for free.

This online slot machine is one of the most innovative in our casino and is a great advance over the traditional slot machine. This is not an extremely different game to the classic slots that users can find, Starburst has become one of the favorites and that more passions awakens. Possibly because of his figures, because of the multiple combinations he offers or because of the high chances of winning.

The theme

This game will surely remind the vast majority of the famous Bejeweled machine, which caused a sensation some time ago. The figures that can be seen reproduce jewels in blue, orange, yellow, violet and green and after a few moves the user will discover the pleasure of the beauty of the different combinations. In addition, this slot machine has the symbols of BAR and 7, which make it different from others of the same style.

Characteristics and dynamics of the game

Starburst has five horizontal reels and a total of 10 lines with which you can compete for prizes of up to 50,000 coins, regardless of whether you are playing from a mobile device or from a computer.

As mentioned earlier, this game has, in addition to the figures that reproduce the jewelry design, with the figures BAR and 7, which increases the excitement of the game. The user must bear in mind that he cannot always win, but also that the jackpots accumulated in each move will be higher the more he plays. This is emotion assured!

Inside the game there are a lot of functions available in Starburst to make the game even more interesting. One of the most popular of all the games is the autoplay function, which allows you to play without just moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard. Something very comfortable if you are playing from a mobile device. On the other hand, you can also use the Skull Stop feature, which allows you to stop the reels with a single click. Please note that the different combinations are completely random.

We cannot forget the bonus rounds, present in practically all online slot machines. These are small games within this slot, which are sure to delight the most demanding players: Starburst Wilds and Win Both Ways. The first is activated when the WILD symbols appear in the center of three reels, when this happens, the reels are completely filled with wild cards and you have a new free spin. If you get a new wild card, you can shoot again. This way up to 5 consecutive times, which means that you will get extra earnings without consuming your funds.

The Win Both Ways bonus is exactly that. No matter the direction of a combination on the different drums, you will have benefits whether the combination occurs from left to right, or from right to left.

Finally, the coins in this game have a value ranging from 0.01 to 1.00 and there are 10 levels on which to bet regardless of the value of the coins. This way, players who want to make small bets will know that they will be able to make them as well.

Play the best slot machines online for free

The best free online slots machines are waiting for you at online casinos. Discover now this and many other exciting games of chance that you can play for free from your mobile device or PC. Remember that a licensed casino is a guarantee of fair and safe gaming, as well as complying with all necessary measures to ensure maximum security in payments. And if you decide to start making real bets, take advantage of the welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses that the best online casinos have prepared for you.

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