Slim Mojamuto

Ole the six bonuses of Enjuto Mojamuto in La Slot
Oh my God! What’s Enjuto doing in a slot machine? How did he get here? Has he gone out of his house again, starting an adventure that will change his life forever again?

The game, released on April 9, has been designed exclusively for the Spanish market by the Paf Game Studio team and the creator of the character Joaquín Reyes: a gentleman from Albacete with glasses that will sound like you to make it at the Goya Gala 2018 and more serious things like La hora chanante or Muchachada Nui, a program from which our favorite influence jumped to fame.

Slim in its pure state
The authentic and inimitable (thanks to heaven) Enjuto Mojamuto comes out in this 5×4 of 9 lines with characters as repellent as his friends Hincli Mincli and Bocachoti, as well as other beings of the Kings universe like the drums, the clip, the squirrel and ¡Ojo cuidao!, created for the sequel of the sketch The new and unexpected adventures of Enjuto Mojamuto.

The machine has been designed with 100% quality with respect to the original, and promises to delight toooooda a generation of freaks among which we are included in You can play from 0,10€ per spin and Chatrulé!… the highest bonus win goes up to 315.000€, 90.000€ in the base game if you bet at the maximum that they are 100€ the spin, although you will also find some zurullito (but they are majetes, even if you get stuck).

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This game is like Halley, it happens with the same frequency that Enjuto changes posters. Don’t look for nothing like it.

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