Sizzling Hot

This video slot machine is inspired by the old mechanical machines. Hence its aesthetics incorporate symbols such as BAR icons, number 7, fruits and stars, which are all classic symbols of the first slot machines created.

Although it doesn’t have only 3 reels like those pioneering machines, it has the spirit of simple and colorful play, but the sounds, the speed of the spins and the pay-lines respond to the modern evolution of the game.

Game Symbols

The star is the trigger, when you get 4 you can multiply up to 10x your bet and will be 50x if you get five on screen, but the jackpot is to align the 7 red. When you manage to align the 5 red 7 symbols, your bet goes through the roof achieving up to 1000 times the initial amount. In addition to these symbols, there are the bells and many, many fruits, stars and BAR icons.

There are no free spins or wild symbols in this game. It’s a straightforward, simple game with lots of chances to win.

Hot Fruits

This slot machine, which reminds us of the classic fruit machines, has a fairly “hot” playing speed as its name suggests, and is a machine that pays quite well in general. There are 5 reels and 5 pay-lines that with a little action could bring big profits into your pockets.

Fruit machines have their own appeal as they set the standard in their early days. Nowadays, from the most experienced players to the most novice players can take a walk through this style of video slots to test their luck, as the chances of getting paid are always outstanding.

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