A slot machine about the mysteries of love

This slot comes with the unmistakable seal of the Spanish factory MGA Software and its drawings, reminiscent of those of a comic, bring a degree of freshness to a game in itself, very fun.

This slot machine, like many others from the MGA factory, has been natively programmed in the HTML5 language. This allows you to play this game natively from any device connected to the internet such as smartphones or tablets with an iOS or Android operating system and personal computers with a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system.

Appointment Features

Appointments is a classic slot slot machine consisting of only three rollers and a pay row in its main game and a top game also consisting of three rollers and three rows, but 8 possible pay lines. Within this game, you can find 4 mini-games with which to obtain bonuses and extra prizes.

Game dynamics

When accessing this slot machine the first thing you will find will be the main game screen and the bet level set at 1 credit per spin. You can increase the level of credits wagered per roll to a maximum of 50 by pressing the ‘Bet’ button. The trial version of this slot machine gives you 250 credits to play and when they finish, you must either start playing with real money or refresh the page so that the game starts again, losing all the prizes you have accumulated.

When you press the play button the three drums will start spinning and stopping can form prize lines. You can see which are the prize lines and the prize in credits that you will receive in the panel that you have on the left. The symbols are the traditional fruits and ‘7’ of the Las Vegas style machine slots. Likewise, the minor prize is a combination of ‘7’ of any color and the major prize is received with three ‘7’ of red color. The higher the credits you bet per roll, the greater the prize you can receive.

This machine allows you to play in auto-play mode, to activate it you simply press the ‘Auto-Play’ button that you will find under the ‘Play’ button. Pressing it will appear the box that allows you to configure from 10 to 100 or infinite automatic runs. If you press the auto-risk button, the machine will bet more or less credits depending on the risk and the chances of winning on each roll. If not, the Auto-Play mode rolls will be made according to the bet previously set.

The top game is accessed when you accumulate a minimum of 5 bonuses and consists of three reels and three rows with 8 possible prize lines. The different special symbols can be combined to give access to the mini-games that we will see next.

Finally, the Advance or Hold mode is operated with the Nudge buttons, which allow the rollers to advance to form a prize combination or retain the rollers with figures that can form a combination, while one or two rollers turn again.

H3 – Bonuses and mini-games

This slot has low prizes and is ideal for beginners for its simplicity, but incorporates some extras and fun mini-games to give the game excitement. The bonuses are those known by most players:

  • The bottle of champagne grants free spins
  • The heart gives bonus and opens the possibility to access the top game
  • The Wild symbol is a girl and this figure replaces any figure in a possible winning line

The mini-games are as follows:

  • With three bottles of champagne in the main game, you access the minigame 1 where to make an extra prize round
  • With three cupid figures in the top game you access a prize roulette
  • With three figures of the mobile phone in the top game you access the WhatsApp game
  • With three kiss figures, you access the fourth mini-game: the kissing one
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