Pac-Man: Wild Edition

Pac-Man is a childhood memory for all of us, even for generations of younger players. A game based on the pop icon of Bandai -Namco of the 80s in which you had to hunt ghosts, which returns to hunt great prizes. Join us in the review of this slot machine.

Features of Pac-Man Wild Edition

Slot machines based on famous themes are a classic of all casinos and there are few video games that have left such a deep mark on collective memory. This slot machine is a creation of Ainsworth and its aesthetics is clearly influenced by video game rooms, so popular in the 80s and 90s. Of course, this is a machine that falls short in terms of animations and sound effects, a point to improve in future versions since we are used to creations full of music and animations.

But let’s get back to the game. We are facing an ideal machine for beginners given its really simple dynamics and with few extras, as we will see later. It has 25 lines in its main game and another 75 in the free spins game, which we will explain later. In addition, the level of bets is relatively conservative, reaching only a maximum of € 20 per spin.

The game has a really simple dynamic that will be familiar to all players. We have 5 Pac-Man figures and another 6 figures from the poker deck. These two groups also divide the prizes that can be obtained, the poker figures have prizes of € 2.40 for 3 equal figures up to € 12 for 5 equal figures. The Pac-Man for their part, give prizes from € 4 for 3 equal figures, to € 16 for 5 equal figures.

Extra figures and bonuses in Pac-Man Wild Edition

As we have commented, Pac-Man Wild Edition is not a very complex game and has few extra features. The main one is the appearance in the upper strip of the Pac-Man figure screen, which devours all the figures of that column turning them into Wild figures. These figures replace all normal figures in a possible prize line.

The key allows you to enter the game Bonus, which is none other than a great roulette with which you can win an extra prize or additional figures such as Wilds in the main game. Finally, we cannot forget that when three or more ‘Power Pallet’ symbols appear, in addition to receiving a prize between € 20 three figures, € 60 for four figures and € 200 if 5 figures appear, you can throw 8 free spins in the mode Feature

Our verdict

Pac-Man is a legendary game, no doubt, but its adaptation in its online slot machine version has known us little. It is a little worked game in the visual aspect, with somewhat poor animations and very few sound effects, although the dynamics of the game are fun and with certain doses of emotion. Therefore, we recommend it to novice players or looking for a slot machine without pretensions.

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