Nuestro casino preferido para jugar a Cashomatic

The Cashomatic (Cash-O-Matic) slot machine is just like an automatic money-making machine. Launched on July 24, 2019, it is inspired by a mechanized contraption, but with a very current structure: 5×4 with 1,024 combinations (MultiWay).

Designed with an RTP of 96.33% and medium/high volatility, it has a prize frequency of 12/1000 and a potential X50,000. You can play for 0,20€-400€ per spin. The hypnotic soundtrack composed by Hani Jazzar is quite catchy and one of the bonuses of the game, otherwise very simple.

How to play Cashomatic slot

Adjusts the bet per spin level and starts spinning the reels manually or automatically, selecting the number of spins. To form a winning combination you only need to draw 2 identical symbols on adjacent reels, always starting from the left end.

The game symbols are 10 regular pay icons and two special symbols (wildcard and scatter). There are 5 deck figures (A K Q J and 10) for the lowest payments, and 5 colored gems (purple, blue, green, yellow and red). The one who pays the most is the red star.

Level Multipliers

Although its industrial appearance is quite old-fashioned, Cashomatic’s features are most exciting including free spins, multipliers from X1 to X50 and a variant of the famous avalanche function: the symbols of winning combinations stay on screen descending to the bottom, while the rest disappear and give way to new ones falling from above. It only stops when you stop winning.

The game multipliers are activated when you get a complete row with symbols forming part of a winning combination: one row X1, two rows X2, three rows X4 and the four rows with the complete board X20.

Free Spins at Cashomatic

One important thing at Cashomatic is that scatters are always stacked. To get a bonus you need at least 10 on-screen scatters, and the number of spins that make up each round of free spins depends on how many scatters you use to activate them. A minimum of 10 spins (2 scatters), and the maximum additional scatter over the minimum that can be drawn are 18: as from the minimum of 2 scatters are delivered 5 spins for each extra scatter on screen, you can get to play up to 90 kick-off spins per round.

One of the bonuses of the free spins is in the multipliers, established in 3 different groups, each with 4 levels.

10-14 scatters: levels X2, X4, X8, X20
15-19 scatters: levels x3, x6, x12, x30
20 scatters: levels x5, x10, x20, x50

The avalanche function remains in effect during free spins, and for each winning combination you increase a multiplier level and add an additional spin to the ones you initially had. You can see how many free spins you have left in the counter to the left of the reels.

The best of Cashomatic

Without a doubt, your payment potential. To get your X50,000 bet you’d have to start the free spins with 20 scatters and then fill the screen with red stars, which is unlikely. But it’s not crazy to think of prizes between X5,000 and X10,000.

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