Mr. Hacker

The world of hackers in a slot machine

As in other free slot machines of the Spanish factory MGA Games, this is a classic video machine based on three reels and three rows, with a single line of prizes.

On the other hand, you can play this fun slot machine from anywhere and from devices such as mobile phones or tablets with iOS or Android operating systems or computers with Windows, Mac or Linux. This is possible because MGA programs its slot machines with HTML5 instead of the classic Flash.

Game dynamics

In accessing the game for the first time you will find the main game, based on the three rows and the three columns and a single line of prizes. By default, the bet per roll is set at 1 credit, but you can increase it up to 50 credits per roll. Naturally, the greater the bet per roll, the greater the prizes and bonuses.

When you press the play button, the drums start spinning and stopping can form a winning combination of figures. In the column on the right of the screen you will find the different combinations that entitle prizes depending on the bet you make. The combination with the lowest prize is that formed by the three diamonds of different color and the upper one is formed by the 3 blue diamonds.

Mr. Hacker’s mask is the bonus in this game. Each time one of these figures appears on the prize line, you will receive bonuses that you can use to play in the top game. The top game is slightly different from the main one. It is based on the three rows and the three drums, but has up to 8 possible prize lines. These prizes can be bonuses, credits or access to Mr. Hacker’s mini-games.

In this game you can program the machine to execute a certain number of consecutive automatic runs. This is the Auto-Play mode and allows you to make from 10 to 500 or infinite consecutive runs without having to be in front of the machine. Keep in mind that you can interrupt this mode whenever you want and that the bet you leave fixed at the beginning of this mode will be the one that applies to all rolls.

Finally, the Nudge buttons allow you to make advances or retain the figures. It is the slot itself that determines when you can use these buttons to make advances or retain figures.

Bonuses, extras and mini-games

The main bonus figure in this game is the Wild, which works as a wild card and allows you to replace any figure in a winning line. On the other hand, certain combinations of three concrete figures in the main game or in the top game, allow you to access the four mini-games and get bonuses.

  • Free spins: with three video game machines in the main game, you can access free spins.
  • Discover the prize: with three cards you can access a mini-game with hidden prizes
  • Choose prize: with three mobile phones hacked, you access a space to choose premi
  • The hats: with three hard drives, you access the mini-game where you can find a prize under one of the hats.
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