Manolo el del Bombo

Manolo, his hype and his slot machine: Oé, Oé, Oé!

Manolo del del Bombo is ready to give you his enthusiasm with every spin of the roller! This classic fruit slot with 3X3 board has between 90 and 95% RTP and medium volatility Get ready to cheer up like never before!

In the lower game there is only 1 pay line, but in the upper one the number of lines is between 5 (minimum) and 8 (maximum). The bet ratio is between € 0.2 and € 10 per spin, for a limit prize of 2,000 credits.

If you are looking for soccer slots, Manolo el del Bombo will become your favorite, thanks to its 2 games (lower in the field of play and higher in the stadium stands), four mini games and special symbols.

Cheering next to the goal in the Bottom Game

In the lower game, which you access when you start playing, the prize options are a bit more limited than in the upper one. That is why you are interested in accumulating the more bonuses better (bombs, in this case) and use them to activate the “Game Change” button.

If you have ever played with an MGA machine, you probably already know how it works: in that case, you can go directly to the last section of our review. For everyone else, Manolo el del Bombo is a fruit slot with a wild card (Manolo winking), advances (1 to 4) and retentions (maximum 2 rollers to rotate the remaining one once), in the purest classic style.

With each prize you get you choose to improve the amount by betting it, or charging it without risking. To do this you use the “Bet” and “Collect” buttons. In addition, if you pass the prize threshold of the 3 golden bells, the game becomes a sub-low, in which the prizes consist of ascending or descending the profit plan.

Mini games accessible from the Bottom Game

  1. Manolo’s Bar: you get there when you take 3 drinks. You will have to select 1 from 5 bar items to discover which cash prize you have (from € 5 to € 60)
  2. The Pumps: you access with 3 hats on the rollers. Manolo and two cheerleaders are playing the hype among a sick crowd: pick one and get a prize

Leading the fans from the stands in the Top Game

If you want to move from the lawn to the stands you need to accumulate drums and have a sufficient balance. That’s when you really start to experience the excitement of the game, because the prizes are higher and more followed.

The Superior Game also has a 3X3 grill, with between 5 and 8 active pay lines. The special symbols change, but the rest remains. And the same goes for the option to bet the prizes, but now if you want to risk the amount you just got, you can only bet a part. This is possible for all combinations except those obtained with 3 7s blue, which are charged directly because they represent the biggest prize.

Mini games accessible from the Top Game

  1. Penalties: it is activated when you take 3 boots symbols. You have to throw a penalty and depending on your aim you will charge a cash bonus.
  2. Costumes: you reach it with 3 t-shirt symbols. Choose 1 of the 5 shirts available at the box office and you’ll get a multiplier between x5 and x20.

Extras in the slot Manolo el del Bombo

We have already mentioned before that it is worth accessing the Top Game of this slot, because it delivers better prizes. In part, that is because the Manolo el Bombo slot has some additional features that will animate your game at this level:

  • Upload 5 to 8 lines on the game board: when you accumulate berets in the base game, you increase the number of pay lines vertically for the grid and you have many more options to get a winning combination.
  • You get random prizes for each mixed combination of 7s
  • Take 1 free spin for each group of balls that you accumulate.

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