Jin Ji Bao Xi: Endless Treasure

Game features

Jin Ji Bao Xi: Endless Treasure is an oriental aesthetic 5X3 slot with RTP 95.65%, which includes free spins, free selection games and wild cards. It has been designed in ShuffleMaster, for the developer SG Gaming.

Payment symbols, selectable and special

In total there are 9 basic payment symbols, plus the gold symbols you wish to add (between 1 and 5), to improve your prize options on each roll. The combinations are paid from left to right, for equal symbols on adjacent rollers.

You receive the highest prize corresponding to each winning combination, counting only 1 symbol on each roller. If you get several prizes of different combinations, they all accumulate and rise to your balance. The most valuable symbol is the red-bottomed dragon, which pays your X250 bet in a combination of 5.

The two special symbols of the base game are the BONUS and the COMODÍN (it appears only in the central rollers, 2-3-4). When a wild card appears in the base game in the central roller (3), the rest of the symbols can be converted to gold randomly, producing a “Gold opportunity”.

In addition there are other special symbols:

  • Yellow coin : it is a wild card capable of replacing all the symbols, which only comes out in the center rollers (2-3-4) during the basic game, free spins and in the Fill function. If you take 3 yellow coins, you get 3 additional spins
  • Green currency : only in the Fill function
  • +1 SHOT : only in the Fill function

Bonus features in Jin Ji Bao Xi: Endless Treasure

The number of bonus features available depends on how many gold symbols you are playing. When you take between 6 and 14 BONUS symbols the machine gives you the option to choose between the functions that are. They may be:

Shou (free spins) : there are 5 different lots, each with 6 free games and an additional amount of one of the gold symbols on the rollers.

Fu : Applies to the Shou function you have chosen, for the total value that appears in all the bonuses of the base game on each spin.

Fill: in this function there are wild cards (yellow coin) and also green coin-shaped scatters that reward you with 1 free spin for each symbol you take out. It is activated with BONUS symbols that are kept in the boxes during bonus rolls. The yellow and green coins that can leave, also remain fixed.

Fixed boats Ji Ji Bao Xi

In the base game, every time a wild card appears, you will see that the ceramic fountain on the rollers receives some extra coins. If its lid is closed, the Jin Ji Bao Xi function is activated. Then 12 coins appear, from which you will have to choose 3, under which one of the 4 fixed jackpots available will be hidden:

  1. Big Fortune (4,000) – Also delivered if you draw 15 bonus symbols in the base game, or 15 bonus, yellow and green coins in the Fill function, or if you draw 3 matching wildcard symbols in Jin Ji Bao Xi.
  2. Treasury Major (2,000)
  3. Minor Peach (500)
  4. Orange Mini (250)

A symbol corresponds to each pot: if the three coins you have chosen have the same symbol underneath, you take the corresponding pot.

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