Jackpot raiders

This video slot consists of assaulting the jackpot, that is the Jackpot. Go for it!

You can access it through different ways. You need to collect five equal gems, which will appear in the free spins round. When you land three Scatter symbols, the Compass is activated, which can also trigger free spins.

5 Scatter symbols reward you with 10 free spins + 10,000 coins.

4 Scatter symbols reward you with 10 free spins + 1000 coins.

3 Scatter symbols reward you with 10 free spins.

When you collect five maps you can get 10 free spins + a gem for the Jackpot.

All roads to the Jackpot:

Thus, the game has different levels and bonus forms, which take you to the next level.

To trigger the Free Spins you enter a sub-level of the Compass game, where you have to choose the Barrels. This Pick and Click style game allows you to achieve up to 20 free spins.

All Jackpot free spins receive a multiplier of three.

There is a bonus game called the Sunken City, which is triggered when you collect five relics from the Enchanted Treasure bonus game.

Free spins start with a gem until all the lines in Jackpot are achieved and receive a multiplication of 10.

The Enchanted Treasure bonus game is achieved when you land 5 Scatter symbols, which allow you three chances in the bonus game + 10,000 coins.

4 Scatter symbols reward you with three chances in the bonus game + 1000 coins, and then another Scatter symbol rewards you with 3 chances in the bonus game.

Special Game Features

When you are playing the Enchanted Treasure game you have to choose a character: Bear or Sam. Then you must choose the route, which can be safe, risky or very risky. The insurance has smaller rewards, but it guarantees you that you surpass the route. The risky one has more juicy rewards, but it is harder to complete. You decide!

The trunks can have 50 – 1800 coins, a random map towards the collection of free spins, or relics valid for the Free Spins game of the Sunken City.

There are three different levels: every time you participate in the opening of a chest you go to the next level, which is obviously more difficult. You have only three opportunities, so choose wisely!

When you land two Scatter you can also trigger the Pick and Click option, where the chests can have 20 – 80 coins, also a compass that allows you 10 free spins or a bonus game, or a random map for the free spins collection .

Paytable and game symbols

In the table of payments and symbols we find the characters that pay appearing three, four and five times. Then the hat, the backpack, the heart, the diamond, the clover and the itch.

There are 20 paylines that underlie a lot of rewards derived from bonus features. In other words, Yggdrasil develops the strategy a little more on some occasions, allowing players to have sub-levels of play or bonus rounds.

The design and graphic quality remind us of epic games, in the style of Indiana Jones, where there are messages, puzzles and collections to discover.

This and other Yggdrasil games, as well as other software developers, are available on our SlotJava.es page completely free and secure in current demo versions.

If you are looking for an action game, with first-person character interaction, this game will turn your reading of the classic video slots.

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