Ivan and the Immortal King

This video slot is inspired by the story of the popular Slavic hero Ivan Tsarevich. The mission is to kill the immortal King, King Koschei, whose soul – the legend tells – is hidden inside a needle, which is hidden in an egg, which is hidden in a duck, which is hidden in a hare, which is hidden in a chest.

This story rescues a folkloric account of the Slavic culture and represents it through the various symbols of the game. You need to find each of these elements to be able to break the needle and annihilate the evil king.

Symbols, bets and payments of the game:

Among the symbols we have Baba Yaga . She is an enigmatic witch that shows when you have few Scatter symbols left, but if she’s good, she can help you progress throughout your adventure. The character appears floating on the board as a special symbol with very well done animations.

Once she appears, she hides four adjacent symbols randomly. These symbols will be replaced in one of two ways:

The first is, 1 to 3 hidden symbols will be replaced with the Bonus Scatter symbol in the base game, either with the Progressive Scatter symbol during the free spins round.

The second option is that one of the randomly selected symbols replaces all the hidden symbols, and thus guarantees you a good victory.

Special functions of the game

The free spins bonus round can be activated with three or more Bonus Scatter symbols. This symbol is represented by a chest with the word Bonus. Three Bonus Scatter symbols reward you with 10 free spins at the trunk level, that is X1.

4 Bonus Scatter symbols detonate 14 free spins at the level of the hare, that is, X2.

5 Bonus Scatter trigger 18 free spins at the level of the duck, that is, X3.

These different levels are multipliers of your bet.

Progressive Free Spins

When you get three progressive Scatter symbols the next level of multiplication is activated. Every time you start a multiplication level you receive 4 rounds of free spins. Free spin levels range from 1 to 6, and reward you from 10 to 32 free spins multiplying from X1 to X 20.

The special symbols are: the Bonus Scatter which is the trunk. 3 of them triggers the round of free spins. The symbol of Progressive Scatter is the golden coin with the skull and crown. Getting these symbols in the free spins round increases the victory thanks to the multiplication of the win and the free spins.

The wild symbol is the word Wild in red. This symbol replaces all but the Bonus Scatter symbol and the Progressive Scatter symbol. The Wild rewards you by appearing three, four and five times.

Minimum bets range from 0.20 EUR up to 100.00 EUR. The game has 20 paylines and many interesting bonus features.

The symbols and the payment table are

The hero pays the largest amount of money that reaches up to 10,000.00 EUR appearing 5 times.

These values ​​are equal to the maximum bet in play.

The character that follows is the cadaverous king who pays half by appearing five times.

The young damsel, the wolf and the dragon. Next, the traditional payment line with gems and precious stones in red, blue, green, yellow and fuchsia colors.

This game has a cartoonish aesthetic with figures in great detail. The bottom of the game is a forest, surely in the Slavic mountains. In the center we see the board on a sheet of wood, and to the left are the various levels of game multiplication. These levels allow you to kill the immortal king.

If you are looking to get involved in culture and tradition in a different way that is entertaining and that can bring you a lot of profit, this game should be on your list. In addition, you can now play the demo version completely for free safely at SlotJava.es

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