Hugo Goal

This video slot game belongs to a series where the main character: Hugo, has various adventures and scenarios where you can help multiply your coins. In this case the theme is football. This is this very friendly little gnome that will help us find the best way to win.

Hugo Goal is a simple 3 × 3 slot with reels on a soccer field in the middle of the jungle. In the stands, we see animals such as toucans, monkeys, beavers, reindeer, all supporting this game. Bets 0.05 and rise up to 100.

Special functions of the game

In this game we have the peculiarity that the symbols can remain stuck along the row occupying a 3 × 1 position. There is also the Repeat Action.

In the laps in which he has not won, a combination of two reels of the same character spin again in the available row until there is a prize.This means that you will have free spins until you achieve it!

Another particularity is kicks or free throws. In this case, all non-winning spins in a combination of two reels with the same symbol will continue to spin until you have a second chance to win.

Another of the available Minigames is the Penalty Shot. When you get the reels to have the same symbol, there is an opportunity to multiply all your winnings by 10. Here, you can take advantage of five penalties where Hugo will be your goalkeeper. Take advantage of the multipliers by one for each shot you can to save the five shots and you will have the highest multiplier x10. However, in this game you can win up to x800 the value of your bet.

Symbols and payment table

Among the characters we have Hugo, who is the wild card and multiplies by three times the value of your bet. Being a wild card, you can replace any symbol.

Then we have the other characters that are: the referee, represented by a woman; the lineman, represented by a crocodile; and a goat that tells the game.

All prizes are paid from left to right. This game has five fixed payment lines, then the low payment symbols are: the ball, the whistle, the shoes, the stopwatch and the flags.

If you are looking for a simple game, inspired by football but within the world of Hugo, this game can multiply your bets in multiple ways. You can access the game completely free and secure in the demo version available on our site

Play safe and responsible on properly regulated platforms and do not risk your money.

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