Golden Ark

One of the biggest attractions of casino games and slot games are the multiple choices of themes and styles. As basic as the game may seem, in terms of achieving combinations in rows and formations within a total of quadrants that add up to cylinders and columns, the essence of the game is to have fun, and try. Luck is always close.

The Symbols of the Game

This game takes full advantage of the visual power of typical Egyptian symbols. In Egyptian culture, beetles, for example, represent sun worship, abundance and wealth. The eye of Ra is a mystical symbol of intuitive supremacy, of worship of the underworlds; and to give it a modern touch, the game includes among its icons the beautiful young explorer, who must surely be an archaeologist, in the search for the lost treasures of the ancient Egyptian world.

Immersed in this context, the players of this slot, bet on a classic and generous game. The chances of winning are between your 5 cylinders and your 10 paylines. The bets start when you dare to find your pharaonic treasures.

The eye of Horus is a powerful symbol that, when appearing 3 times, gives you 10 free spins. It all depends on which symbol you get for the bonus. The rule is one: the more attempts, the more successes.

An Uncomplicated Game

Video slot players prefer fast betting game rhythms. For this reason the themes will always present infinite possibilities under a specific aesthetic that allows the player to connect with history and entertainment. In short, slot games are straightforward games. You don’t have to solve puzzles or think too much, although clearly you have to think because you always need a game strategy. This is vital for any player who wants to win consciously and not just leave it to chance…

A Civilization of Wealth Cult

Egyptian civilization abounds with secret messages between its sophisticated, complex and mysterious form of expression. The Egyptian culture paid cult and tribute to gold, riches, jewels and treasures with precious stones and various elements that exalted the pleasure of adorning their lives with abundant ornaments of value. This is the connection we must achieve as players to transport ourselves to the internal messages of the game. The best way is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that online casinos provide for new players. Don’t miss the opportunity to get closer to the story and essence of each game that captures your attention.

Play like kings

One of the most attractive features of this game is the excellent graphic quality, which makes this game a deluxe one. Symbols and letters have great detail of gold textures and gemstone inlays. The stone background gives the impression that we were inside a pyramid, providing an important level of suspense.

The pharaoh, the beetle, the book of Ra, the eye of Horus are perfectly crafted amulets in detail. Then, the person in charge of collecting the loot is the sensual archeologist who brings the human touch to the game.

To play like kings, you have to think like one. Enjoy the abundance and power you have in every bet. Get to know your chances with welcome bonuses and play responsibly at licensed casinos to protect your game from scams.

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