Enchanted Kingdom

A fairytale slot

Enchanted Kingdon is a fairytale slot in 5 × 3 format of 30 lines, with RTP 96.19% (down to 94.19% without counting the jackpots). You can play for € 0.30 to € 150 each roll, measuring your resources well to activate your free spin rounds as many times as you can. The jokers, scatters and jackpot prizes will do the rest so that at the end of the game you can say that “they were happy and ate partridges!”

In a very far away country …

The truth is that everything in Enchanted Kingdom will remind you of the famous Far Far Away of Shrek: the frog prince, the castle of steep towers … you may not find the blue prince here, but thanks to the 3 progressive Mega Drop jackpots of the game (Epic, Majoy and Minor), it is not that he is missed either.

The 9 symbols of the game pay homage to the fauna and flora of a fairy tale:

  1. Shield with the Enchanted Kingdom logo X5-15,000, X4-1,000, X3-250, X2-250.
  2. Castle X5-4,000, X4-1,000, X3-200, X2-25.
  3. Treasure X5-, 2,500 X4-500, X3-100.
  4. White swan X5-, 2,500 X4-500, X3-100.
  5. Squirrel X51.500-, X4-200, X3-50.
  6. Prince Charming (frog) X5-1,500, X4-200, X3-50.
  7. Raspberry X5-1,000, X4-125, X3-25.
  8. Mushroom X5-500, X4-100, X3-25.
  9. Peach X5-500, X4-100, X3-25, X2-10.

The wild card of the game is Princess WILD, who replaces all the previous payment symbols, but not the SCATTER with the shape of the crown and keys of the kingdom.

Free Spins Enchanted Kingdom

When the night falls on the magical rollers of this enchanted kingdom, fairies take care of the free spins. The SCATTER with the king’s symbols is responsible for paying from 2 matches in any position on the screen and activating the rounds of 20 free spins when you take between 3 and 5 on the same roll. Their rewards are as follows: X5-75,000, X4-3,000, X3-750, X2-300.

Program your game strategy

Enchanted Kingdom has a tool to draw game strategies: it consists of a function that the player can activate when the total balance balance falls below the previous total bet: so you can change the price per spin and prolong the game without altering the game. RTP of the game.

Enchanted Kingdom progressive jackpot

The 3 progressive jackpots of the WMS Mega Drop system are available on each roll, and are random. It doesn’t matter the value of your bet. They accumulate a small percentage (2%) of the bet of all Enchanted Kingdom players, starting from the following minimum insured:

  1. Epic Jackpot – € 200,000
  2. Major Jackpot – € 20,000
  3. Minor Jackpot – € 1,500

The Neverending Story

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