Durian Dynamite

Quickspin’s first 3D slot
Durian Dynamite is a 5×3 fruit with 3D graphics and fantastic animations, which is played with 20 pay-lines. More than a fruit slot is a fruit war. It has RTP 96.22% and extreme volatility, with a wagering ratio of 0.20€ minimum and a maximum of 100€ per spin.

If you’re thinking it’s just another fruit slot, forget it: there’s so much more to it than juice! The fruit spins in the air, explodes, triggers joker hecatombes and there’s even a function with interactive shots.

Explosive Flavors
Durium is one of the most famous fruits in Southeast Asia, where it is known as “The King of Fruits” for its persistent aroma. It has a very characteristic shape, because it is covered with skewers, and for some it is delicious (although for others its fragrance is an eyelash). You’ll have to try it to decide which side you’re on.

Dynamite Wild: Activated when a Dynamite Wild symbol appears on the reels, which literally bombards the rest of the squares from their position, to blow up as many Dynamite Wild wild jokers as possible. And if they succeed in shooting each other, the effect will be doubled, tripled… chain reaction! The effect ends when the ammunition runs out and the squares stop exploding.
Free Spins: With 3 BONUS scatters in the base game you start a round of 6 Dynamite Wilds highest density bonus free spins. You can choose the type of bonus you prefer, including more free spins (3 to 6 additional spins) or reels with Dynamite Wilds.
Select which jar of jam to open and spice up your round of free spins with:
– more free spins (up to a maximum of 30 additional spins)
– extra ammunition: up to 2 additional dura to use with Dynamite Wild function
– up to 3 rollers with Dynamite Wild

Best of Durian Dynamite Slot Machines
This fruit slot is much more than a review of classic slots: it’s a twist and a half of a nut to the fruit slot concept. Of course it shares the colorful atmosphere and the positive atmosphere of other similar games (its funky soundtrack is not bad at all), but it is much more than a cheerful slot to pass the time.

Long live the vitamins!
Fruit slots convey good vibes and all the vitamins you might need, and more if you combine the potential of classic fruit slots with 3D graphics and innovative features. That’s why at SlotJava.es we included them in our diet a long time ago. Enjoy a fresh fruit salad with Reel Rush, a Fruity Cocktail and all the properties of Berryburst and Berryburst Max smoothies.

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