Double stacks

The classics that never go out of style

Aesthetically Double Stacks is one of the most attractive games we have been able to play. It is undoubtedly a beautiful and attractive game with which we can play for hours without getting tired. The figures, which are the classics of this type of games, appear with bright neon colors and very soft animations that give the game a unique air.

On the other hand, the musical atmosphere is very elegant and this 80’s style mid-tempo music will accompany us, as well as very soft sound effects that only stand out in the prize moments. Remember that in any case, you can deactivate the sound effects and music by pressing the speaker button that you will find in the lower left of the game screen.

To create Double Stacks, the programming language HMTL5 has been used instead of the traditional Adobe Flash and you can play directly in the browser without having to install any additional programs. On mobile devices with Android or iOS you can play from your browser without needing adapted versions.

Game dynamics

No, Double Stacks is not a complex game or full of mini-games and surprises. It is a simple free slot machine and with which you can play for long periods without consuming the credit of its free version. It consists of 10 lines, something rare when currently the majority of free slot machines that we find reach up to 90 possible prize lines.

Bets are made as in other machines of the style by selecting the credit per line and level. Thus the minimum bet will be 0.01 credit per line at level 1, which makes a bet of 0.10 credits, and a maximum bet of 2 credits per line and level 10, which makes a bet per roll of 100 credits The figures, on the other hand, are a total of eight and are ordered from least to greatest as follows:

  • Watermelon
  • The lemon
  • The plum
  • The cherry
  • The bell
  • The BAR symbol
  • The seven
  • The diamond, which is the maximum prize

If you want to know the values ​​of each of these figures, as well as obtain additional information or the configuration of the 10 lines, click on the information button.

Bonuses and extras

This game does not have great extras, but some that we review below. The Wild symbol, represented by a star, replaces all symbols on a possible winning line except the Scatter symbol. For its part, the Scatter symbol entitles us to free spins:

  • 3 Scatter symbols = 5 free spins
  • 4 Scatter symbols = 15 free spins
  • 5 Scatter symbols = 30 free spins

The Scatter symbol also allows us to re-spins during the free spins game.

The Double Stacks feature, which gives its name to this free slot machine, means that when a roller stops and all the symbols are the same, they bend. The symbols count as two instead of how one.

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