Dolphin´s Pearl Deluxe

This video slot game version is the second in its series dedicated to exalting the beauty of dolphins, pearls and other elements of marine beauties. Each game starts by opening a possible line of development in its style. This is the case of the multiple versions available on the same theme, and it is that each game establishes a first approach to certain ways of playing and winning.

For those who prefer the marine imaginary

Players make connections with different games because of their inclinations and above all because of the impact that one or the other game can have on them. Sometimes the simplest topics are the most effective, since the referent is nature, there is no way to fail. After the background of the game has been accepted by the player, it is the turn of luck and action.

The marine imaginary brings with it the calm and depth desirable for some players. The difference with the Classic Dolphin Pearl has to do with the graphic quality.

This is a luxurious version, in which the animations, the colors, the textures achieved are more detailed. The Deluxe version increases the refinement of the game, as well as offering 10 pay-lines in a 5 x 3 quadrature.

Under the sea in 3D

The adventures in this game are marine level and in this version of the game, the adventure is in 3D. The new resolution of three-dimensional graphics and animations in an underwater environment are quite motivating. The truth is that the underwater imaginary is impossible to exhaust, not to mention the feeling of calm and relaxation that makes the underwater slot game feel good.

Pleasing its Dolphins Pearl Classic players, this edition shows the dolphin and pearl in the oyster with rich details of colors and textures that greatly enhance the graphic quality and game experience.

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