Desert cats

The fascination for Egypt is very present in our culture, so much so that it is very common to find slot machines inspired by this ancient and legendary culture. The creator of online gambling WMS brings a new machine inspired by the legends of this lost, but not forgotten, civilization. Discover Desert Cats

Desert Cats, the fortune of ancient Egypt

Video slot machines are a modern classic of internet casinos thanks to the possibilities they offer both in prizes and in offering players challenges and great moments of chance and fortune. In this case, we are facing a large machine in every way, which has 7 rollers and four rows and up to 50 possible prize lines.

As WMS has accustomed us, the graphics of this game are very vivid and have golden colors that lead us to the splendor of ancient Egypt. The figures stand out for their realism and beauty. Likewise, the action of this game is accompanied by a mysterious music, with a clear oriental inspiration and discrete sound effects that highlight its peak prize moments. At any time you can deactivate the sound from the options panel that you will find at the bottom.

Finally, you can play Desert Cats from any mobile device such as tablets or smartphones or PCs with Windows, MacOs or Linux because this free slot machine has been programmed with HTML 5 language.

Game dynamics

In starting the game you must adjust the bet per line that goes from 0.50 to 100 credits on this machine. Unlike other machines, you cannot adjust the lines on which you place bets, always betting on the 50 prize lines.

When the game button is pressed, the rollers will start to spin and will stop forming a random combination of the game figures, which are a total of 11 with a prize and another 2 bonus. Depending on the type of figure, the prizes per line will be higher or lower. On the lower side we find the recognizable figures of the French deck of cards. These are 10, J, Q, K and A. On the top we find the Egyptian-themed figures :

  • The Ankh, the Egyptian cross
  • A stone with lilac and yellow hieroglyphs
  • The head of an imperial sarcophagus
  • The sculpture of a cat
  • The head of a golden cat
  • An Egyptian priestess

In this machine, as in other similar ones, you can activate the Auto Play mode. In this slot machine you can choose a standard configuration of 10 to 200 consecutive automatic runs, but determine that the mode stops automatically after a loss of specific credits or when a prize is achieved above a certain amount.

Bonuses and extras

Due to the dynamics of the game, Desert Cats does not stand out for having many bonuses since Wild figures allow many lines to be made and the prizes to be increased rapidly. In this game there are two figures that entitle bonuses. On the one hand we will find the lion’s head with a red gemstone in the head. This symbol entitles free spins.

  • With three lion heads, you will get 5 free spins
  • With four lion heads, you will get 15 free spins and the prizes will be multiplied by x10
  • With five lion heads, you will get 50 free spins and the prizes will be multiplied by x15

In this game the Wild symbol is particular because it can occupy 1 square or 2 × 2 squares. In both cases, this symbol replaces any figure in a possible winning line, except the lion’s head.

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