Dark Vortex

This portal to the sinister was opened during Halloween 2018, when a series of evil forces activated Dark Vortex and its monstrous 3125 winning combination options.

Game features

Dark Vortex is a 5 reel video slot with 3 heights and a total of 243 ways to win that are paid from left to right. Both its RTP (96.5%) and its volatility are high, characteristics that together with its monstrous theme promises strong emotions from the beginning.

This slot deliciously meets all the topics of the fantastic monstrous terror that would be expected, and will delight fans of the genre. The game begins when the screen literally opens to the dark vortex.

The slot awards prize when you place the same symbol in any position of 3 or 4 consecutive rollers from left to right, or also 5 symbols (one on each roller) counting in any direction.

If you get a winning combination with more than one equal symbol per roller, a series of prize multipliers are activated, adding X2 for each extra symbol to the winning combination.

The 10 regular symbols include 5 monstrous beasts and their 5 respective invocation books. In addition, the game has 4 other special symbols: 1 wild card, 2 spectral symbols (orb) and 1 vortex symbol.

Special functions

Vortex Rollers (Vortex Reels) They are rollers with 5 heights (instead of the 3 of the base game) that contain more wild cards and symbols with higher payments, in addition to spectral symbols. They are activated only on rollers 1, 2, 4 and 5 with the vortex symbols, which reward you with 2 free spins on the vortex reels. The more you open simultaneously, the more free spins awarded (+2, +3 or +4)

Spectral Collection (Orb Collection)

The two spectral symbols (orb) are restricted to the vortex rollers. With each Vortex Reel open 2 pink and 5 blue orbs are added to the roller symbol collection during free spins.

  1. Pink spectra: they only appear on the end rollers (1 and 5) and each one that is added to the collection includes 1 stackable joker for the central roller (3) during the free spins.
  2. Blue spectra: they exit in the central rollers (2, 3 and 4) and suppose 1 more turn in the round of free spins of the vortex.

Free spins on the Vortice (Vortex Free Spins)

The value of your bet on bonus spins remains the same as in the base game, with the advantage that the spins are not discounted from your balance and you play with a lot of bonuses.

If during a round of free spins you manage to open the 5 rollers to the vortex before you run out of turns, Dark Vortex rewards you with an extra bonus spin for each blue spectrum in your collection.

When the Free Spins function is active, the game grid becomes 5 × 5 reels and 3125 ways to win active. The three central rollers (2, 3 and 4) become stacked wildcards, and the stack adds one more wild card for each pink orb symbol than collections.

As a last bonus Dark Vortex allows you to buy bonuses paying 80x your bet to have the option to activate between 5 and 20 Free Spins in the Vortex, with between 2 and 10 wildcards stacked according to your luck.

To determine the number of spins and bonuses, before starting the round a selection takes place in which you choose 1 of 5 cards. This function is only available if you do not have open Vortex Rollers and when you are not played with € 1 as the selected value for each credit.

The best of Dark Vortex

Dark Vortex works with what is known as Win All Ways, that is, all possible winning combinations from left to right and vice versa are available during the game. This, its high volatility and an RTP of between 96.5-97% make it one of the most terrifyingly exciting machines to play.

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