We all remember the endearing TV humorist Chiquito de la Calzada, who began his career in the 90s and managed to incorporate into the popular vocabulary such popular terms as ‘Te dah cuen’, ‘Fistro’ or ‘Comorl’. This well-known humorist passed away in 2017 leaving an endless legacy of jokes, vitality and good humor and, also, this fun as well as classic video slot machine that you can play for free at any time.

Chiquito, an endearing slot machine

This slot machine is a production of the English factory MGA, creator of many well-known slot machines. This, in particular, is based on the classic slot machines with three drums and a single winning row. It is undoubtedly a classic and basic machine and ideal for getting started in the game.

Characteristics of Chiquito

The three-drum slot machines are the classic and ideal for beginners in games of chance. Many players will recognize the classic fruit figures and some symbols in homage to the great Chiquito.

This game has the configuration of slot machines that we found in many everyday places. The game’s control panel will be reminiscent of those machines of yesteryear. The game starts with 250 free credits, however: unlike other machines when these are finished, you must start betting with real money, or refresh the game and start from scratch.

Dynamics of the game

The game begins by defining the bet, which will be either the minimum of five credits or the maximum of 75 credits. Once you have defined the bet, you can press play. The three reels will start spinning and stop, forming a combination.

The most outstanding feature of this game is the ‘Advance’ option, which is achieved with the ‘Nudge’ buttons that you will find in the control panel of the machine. This option allows you to advance the reels to complete a winning line. You will have 1, 2, 3 or 4 possible breakthroughs, but sometimes the breakthroughs are automatic and cannot be controlled by the player.

The figures in this game are 9 and if you are an experienced player, you will recognize them very soon. Depending on which figure it is, you’ll get one prize or another. For example, three figures of ‘7’ get a prize of x2 bet, while the three cherries are a prize of x4 bet. And it continues in ascending: the three grapes are x12, the three oranges x16 and the three lemons x20. The maximum is obtained with the three blue ‘7’, with which you will receive x40 times the bet, the three yellow ‘7’ receive x200 per bet and the prize of x1000 is obtained with the three red ‘7’. The higher the bet, the greater the chances of winning.

Remember that with this machine you can configure the ‘Autoplay’ mode, which allows you to program from 10 to 100 automatic spins, as long as you have enough credits. You can also activate the Auto-Risk mode on this slot for free, which allows you to take risks on all rolls. Whenever you want, you can click the ‘Collect’ button and collect all the prizes accumulated so far.

Bonuses and extras

Chiquito is a simple machine, but not simple. In this game in appearance of minimums, there is a video slot machine with additional games and some bonuses that, sure, you will love. The first is the Fistro figure ‘F’, which opens the doors to the ‘superior game’. Here you will find another slot machine that works as a bonus game. You’ll find Chiquito dressed like in his movies being a pick’em up game.

This slot machine has four mini-games that can be accessed in these modes:

  • With three Chiquito symbols in the main game, the free shooting mini-game is activated
  • With three Chiquito Cowboys symbols in the top game, “the game in the dressing room” is activated.
  • With three Chiquito figures in motion in the top game, the free game is activated
    “The Show”, you access it with three symbols of Chiquito smiling in the additional game

With the Wild symbol it appears as a ‘Comorl? and acts as a wild card. The ‘Jarl’ increases the vertical line counter in the top game.

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