Butterfly Staxx 2

A warm landscape from your window

Butterfly Staxx 2 released by NetEnt in August 2019 is the sequel to Butterfly Staxx, dedicated to a peaceful summer night with the sky full of butterflies and flower petals. It is one of those relaxing slots, with 5 rollers of 4 heights and 40 paylines.

Everything in Butterfly Staxx 2 invites tranquility: you play from an open window to the landscape, with an RTP 96.35% and low volatility, betting from € 0.25 to € 1,250 per spin, for a potential prize of up to € 300,000 ( your bet X240).

Among the extras of this butterfly slot you will find up to 3 simultaneous game areas, a 5-phase bonus game called Butterfly Frezy with cash prizes, scatters, rounds of free spins, re-spins, normal and re-spin wildcards and waterproof symbols.

A spa slot

The truth is that playing Butterfly Staxx 2 is an almost meditation experience, with loud music ut, soft color graphics and delicate and very fluid animations. The symbols are those of an ideal garden:

  • 1 golden butterfly: it is the principal in payments (your bet X2 in combination of 5 matches) and can appear stacked in the 4 heights of each roller, activating one or several re-spins.
  • 3 types of different exotic flowers
  • 4 figures of the French deck (A, K, Q, J)
  • Wild waterlily: it is the wild card, capable of replacing any of the 8 previous payment symbols to form a combination.

Re-spins and free spins Butterfly Staxx 2

When the golden butterfly appears stacked on one of the rollers, it activates the re-spins function. Then all symbols will fly 1 position to the left and remain in their new place while a re-spin occurs.

But what if there is more than one roller full of butterflies? If the 2 rollers on your left are occupied by rows of butterflies, a second playing area is unlocked, and if there are 3 a third area: the grid doubles or triples and also the chances of getting a winning combination.

The free spins of Butterfly Staxx 2 are activated when you take the scatter in some of the boxes of rollers 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. Then the machine asks you to choose between:

Butterfly spins

It is played in 3 areas with cocoons that turn into golden butterflies when activated, with re-spins each time they move one position to the left in the same row.

Butterfly Frenzy

It is a bonus that is displayed in 5 different flower meadows, choosing 10 times the Butterfly symbols you prefer and charging the rewards hidden by their butterflies regarding the value of your bet:

  1. X0.4 – X1 – X1.6
  2. X1 – X1.6 – X2
  3. X1.6- X2 – X3
  4. X2 – X3 – X4
  5. X3 – X4 – X5
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