Book of Relics

In WMS they seem determined not to miss the train of success of machines inspired by Ancient Egypt. This June they launched a new slot, called Book of Relics, which adds to the many similar options that already exist.

Anyway, it seems that the public does not get tired of historical issues, because all the machines that go on the market on these issues and that have a minimum of quality, become an instant success. How long will the golden egg hen last?

Specifically, Book of Relics has been designed by the Red7 Mobile studio. With these two big industry names in mind, you can rest assured that this slot cannot disappoint, or maybe?


Book of Relics is a slot with five reels, three lines and ten pay lines. So far, everything quite conventional. The novelty comes from the hand of its progressive boats, which can amount to 250,000 euros. The return to the player is average, with 96.36%.

In this machine you can win two types of prizes: the “regular” ones that depend on the winning combinations that you can form in the rollers and the progressive jackpots that we just mentioned. We are going to focus mainly on progressive jackpots, since the basic functions of this slot are quite traditional.

The jackpots can be started randomly on any roll, and the three offered by this machine in total are:

  • Mini jackpot , which amounts to 1500 euros.
  • Major jackpot , which distributes between 1500 and 20,000 euros. Here things start to get interesting!
  • Epic jackpot , which offers between 20,000 and 200,000 euros – or more, depending on certain factors.

Although we are not going to deny that the function of the progressive boats adds a lot of emotion to this game, the truth is that we do not find many additional novelties either.


Let’s start with the things that have surprised us for good. The design and sound effects of this machine are higher than the average of games with similar themes. It may have to do with the fact that it has been designed by the innovative Red7 studio, but the truth is that it looks very good and it shows that the design is worked.

Now, it has given us the impression that WMS has fallen asleep a little on the laurels. Knowing that these types of machines are currently in fashion, it seems that they simply wanted to take advantage of the “pull” to get similar slots , of acceptable quality, but with very little innovation in regards to the game system. And let’s not say the subject anymore.

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