Athena Gold

The passion for the world of ancient Greece serves as an inspiration for this fun slot machine from the MGA Software factory. A game of chance based on the classic three-reel and three-row Las Vegas style machines, which will be ideal for the most nostalgic players, but also for beginners.

The Gold of Athena, the best kept secret of the Parthenon

This is a classic three-reel, three-row free slot machine with a prize line. In addition, this game features a main game, a top game, four mini-games and an additional Jackpot prize.

On the other hand, you can play this fun slot machine for free from any device such as a mobile phone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system, or from any PC with Windows, Mac or Linux. This is possible because this game has been programmed in HTML5 language, instead of the classic Flash.

Athena El Oro slot machine dynamics

This free slot machine is not characterized by complex operation. It is based on the classic Las Vegas machines, with a single line of payments and combinations of very simple figures. You can check the combinations in the panel to the right of the screen, on the Play button. The lowest combination is formed with three diamonds of any color, the highest is formed by the three blue diamonds.

By default, the bet is set at 1 credit per spin and by pressing the BET button, you can increase it to 5, 10, 25 or 50 credits per spin. The higher the bet, the greater the prizes you can aspire to. The Nudge buttons allow you in some runs to make advances in one of the rows where a winning figure may be missing or retain those figures that can form a winning line.

You can play in the auto-play mode, which will allow you not to have to constantly watch the machine. In order to activate this game mode, you must press the ‘Auto-Play’ button under the green ‘Play’ button. A dialog box will open where you can choose how many consecutive automatic runs you want to make: from 10 to infinite, yes: you can stop the auto-play mode at any time. If you also add the Auto-Risk option, it will be the game itself that automatically places bets based on risk.

Athena Gold also has a superior game that is accessed when you have a certain number of bonuses. These bonuses are received when the figure of Athena appears on the prize line. The more bonuses you have, the more runs you can make and the more prizes you can earn. In this secondary game, the figures are different from those of the main game and the dynamics are also different.

In the top game you have three reels and three rows, but up to 8 different prize lines. The different figures combine to add new prizes and also access to some of the mini-games.

Bonuses, extras and mini-games

This free slot machine incorporates some bonuses in the dynamics of the game. The most recognizable is the Wild figure, represented as the Athena armor and that allows replacing any figure in a winning line.

The game incorporates four mini-games:

  • The Draw: obtaining three figures of Greek porticos, you can access a prize draw
  • Multiply: when three owl figures appear, you can get a multiplier of your initial prize
  • Roulette: with three Athena helmets, you will access the roulette.
  • Athena’s Gold: With three gold coins, you can enter the Parthenon and find the prizes hidden behind the temple’s treasure.
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