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You will agree with me that the internet has made a difference in all the fields including gaming. Right now, you can access a lot of services right from the comfort of your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. If you like gaming at the casino, you can also play live casino online and still get the same live casino experience. If this sounds like an idea, then here are all the facts you need to know about live casino gaming.

What is live casino gaming?

A lot of people have been confusing live casino gaming and online casino gaming. Well, while the two words may be used interchangeably, a huge difference lies underneath.

Online casino refers to all casino gaming activities done online. But in most cases, it is used to refer to the various casino games you can play on online casinos. It is worthy to note that online casino games are powered by Random Number Generator (RNG) software. On the other hand, live casino games are hosted by live dealers and are played in real time. The only difference is that you don’t have to be at the real casino; the real-time events at the real casino are live streamed. Most of the live casinos stream the events live from the casinos while others are streamed from specially designed live casino studios.

The advantage of a live casino is the convenience it offers. You get a chance to experience live casino gaming remotely. Players have an opportunity to interact with the other players as well as the croupier. In some cases, you may even view the bets on the Roulette tables.

A live casino also cancels out any doubts of mischief common in Random Number Generator software. But then, be ready to stake higher.

Best Nigeria Live CasinosLive casino dealer games

Different live casinos offer different live dealer games depending on the supplier. But there are those household names that you will find in most online casinos that offer live casino gaming. Some of the names to expect include Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, among others.

Once you are in the live casino lobby, you will be introduced to all the games on offer as well as the available betting options. Some more advanced live casinos even offer side bets making the experience worthwhile.

What’s, do you require to play live casino?

Well, playing live casino is not as easy as playing your favorite online slots. This is because online casino websites and Apps are not as demanding as live casino platforms. As you understand, the events take place live and thus, you shouldn’t experience any lag. It is imperative that you use a high-performance gadget with a reliable internet connection. That said, system compatibility should be a priority when looking for the best live casino website.

There is also the aspect of cost. Live casinos are quite expensive to host because the games are played in real time, in a real casino. The overheads accrued means the stakes in live casino gaming have to be high.

Choosing the best live casino

Just like when scouting for an online casino, you need to be very careful when registering for a live casino. You don’t want to lose your hard earned cash on scams and amateur live casino websites.

The problem with live casinos is that there are no free bets or trials so it’s not a matter you can test with one foot. But there’s always one thing I tell people; play with the household online casinos you know. One thing you realize is that most of the big online casinos have extended their product range to live casinos. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell the difference between a good and bad online casino. So, if any of your favorite online casinos are offering live casino, that’s where to head to. But then, don’t feel locked out from exploring other options.

What does the future hold for live casinos?

Live casinos and live dealer games have been around for almost a decade. Over the years, we have seen tremendous technological advancements. While technology like 3d multi-angle cameras may still fascinate you, there have been significant leaps in 2018.

First, we have seen the viability of Virtual Reality in live casino gaming. Even though the technology has not been fully exploited, the future looks bright. Already, NetEnt has adapted some of their popular slots for VR compatibility. But this is just in the trial stage. On the other hand, Microgaming is experimenting with Virtual Reality Roulette with a complete asteroid sketch. The good thing is that there are readily available devices to make VR live casino a reality. Google Daydream and Samsung Gear are just among the readily available VR headsets that could take you right to any Las Vegas casino from anywhere in the world.


There you have it, ladies and gentlemen; a beginners guide to live casino gaming. If you are tired of playing with a machine, then it’s time you upgrade to live casino gaming. Make sure to choose a live casino gaming provider wisely and above all, have a good device and reliable internet connection for the best experience!


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