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You’ve probably come across casino advertisements on mainstream media or online platforms. Most of these adverts have bonuses as a key attraction. Bonuses and promotions run by online casinos are made to seem like free money. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned punter or if you are starting out, casino bonuses and promotions will always be there. Like most things in life, nothing comes for free. So before you start shopping and claiming for online casino bonuses, we suggest you keep reading this piece and learn how casino bonuses work.

Why do Online Casinos Run Promotions?

Why are casinos too generous? Why do some offer better playing incentives than others? To a large extent, casinos run promotions as part of their marketing and differentiation strategy. It is worth noting that casinos powered by the same software provider are similar in every respect. It is for this reason that online casinos have to make casino bonuses part of the differential or marketing strategy to pitch potential customers and retain existing ones.

Casino bonuses are mainly the reason a player would prefer playing in one casino and not the other, despite both of them having similar software, graphics, licenses, and reputation. As generous as the casino might be, it is worth reiterating that nothing comes entirely free. In the case of online casinos, wagering requirements control how players use bonuses. So before we look at different types of casino bonuses, here are some things that are worth understanding.

Wagering Requirements

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Most online casinos bonuses have a wagering requirement, which requires the player to play using the bonus a couple of times before they can withdraw or cash out their winnings. Another critical tidbit to pay attention to wagering requirements is the conditions attached to withdrawal attempts before all requirements are satisfied. Some casinos void all bonus winning if a withdrawal is attempted prematurely. Beware!

Games Played

Some bonuses are specifically meant to be used on specific games. An excellent example of such bonuses is a free spin bonus offered to spin machine players. Some free spins can be used on several games. Be sure to look at the terms and conditions and ensure you are crystal clear with the terms and conditions.

Minimum Bonus Requirements

This type of bonus is conditional: the player is expected to deposit some money into the account before a bonus is awarded. There is a minimum bonus amount that qualifies you for a bonus, which can be varied upwards up to a set upper limit. This deposit is often a percentage of the deposit amount and other playing incentives like free spins might be bundled together.

Types of Casino Bonus

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to get qualified for a bonus, this section looks at different kinds of casino bonuses availed to gamblers. You can also visit Africa Casinos to learn more about casino bonuses in Nigeria.

Welcome Bonus

Online casinos welcome new players by offering them signup or welcome bonuses. These bonuses are mostly offered as a match bonus (the player’s first deposit is matched) or a no deposit bonus, which does not require the player to make an initial deposit.

Monthly Bonus

Once players have used the welcome bonus, most casinos offer monthly bonuses or other periodic promotions as an incentive to keep players active. These bonuses are known as monthly bonuses because they are only offered once a month. In some casinos, monthly bonuses ate known as reload bonuses. They are mostly activated when the players deposit into their account.

Cash-back Bonus

Some casinos are generous enough to refund you with a fraction of your losses in terms of cash back bonuses. Of course, we do not play to lose, but getting this type of bonus serves to offer you with a softer landing after an immense loss at the casino.

Payment Method Bonus

Most casinos offer multiple banking options to their customers. Of course, some of this methods might be convenient for the players, others to the casino or both. Whenever a casino wants to encourage players to use a specific money transfer option, they reward players who use that method with a bonus on each deposit they make.

Sticky Bonus

Also known as play only bonus, sticky bonuses can be used to play and win real money, but they cannot be withdrawn. Ideally, a player can cash out all their winning amount from this bonus, but the bonus should remain.

Tips on How to Use Casino Bonuses

  • Use bonuses on your favorite games
  • Understand the wagering requirements
  • Be modest with your deposits
  • Withdraw your winnings
  • Use deposit methods with extra bonuses

Any punter appreciates getting something in return for playing, and this is the main reasons why casinos roll out incentives to their players. Casino bonuses not only increases your bankroll, but they also extend your stay at the casino, thus improving your chances of winning. All said and done; casino bonuses are among the best reasons to try online gambling.


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